About Numata Cybersecurity 

Why Numata Cybersecurity

Since our establishment in 2004, Numata has been providing baseline IT security and risk advisory services to hundreds of companies, globally. 

With the threat landscape constantly and rapidly changing and with cyber-crime on the rise we feel it is critical for our customers to take precautions and bolster their security and invest in security tools to prevent a cyber breach or attack. 

With that in mind the Numata Cybersecurity division was launched, with the sole purpose of protecting your business, people and profits from a security breach. We focus on a multi-layered approach to ensure maximum security across your organisation’s network and reduce your risk of a human error-induced data breach. 

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, we understand the importance of focusing on the weakest link by empowering employees through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relate-able, not demeaning.

Strengthen your first layer of defense

Here’s why clients choose Numata Cybersecurity

Our ideal clients share our values and beliefs and understand that mutual-respect, clear and honest communication and collaboration are the building blocks of a successful relationship. We are relentless in our pursuit to become a trusted security advisor to every single client and to be a valued contributor to their success. 

Awards and Accolades