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Are You Protected From Phishing Attacks?

Find out what percentage of your employees are susceptible to a spear phishing attack. Numata Cybersecurity’s Phishing test simulates a cybersecurity attack on your company, allowing us to assist you in identifying at risk employees and helping us to understand the level of security awareness in your organisation.

Humans are the number one threat to your business.

65% of organisations fell victim to an email phishing attack in 2019 alone. Do your employees have the education and tools they need to keep your business safe?

Why Employee Security?

With human error being linked to over 92% of data breaches, employees can’t afford to be uninformed

In the last two years,

79% of IT Providers

reported clients struck by ransomware

66% of IT Providers report

Phishing Emails

as the top ransomware delivery method

IT Providers reported lack of

End-User Training

as the top cybersecurity vulnerability

Phishing Identification

Train your employees to spot phishing emails. One mistake could take down your entire company.

Complimentary Human Security Assessment

Ask us how you can receive all of this with our complimentary Human Security Assessment and get insight into your employees' security strength!  Turn your weakest links, into your strongest defenses!

*min 25 users 

Cybersecurity is serious, and serious decisions must be made with potential risks in mind.

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